Successful start

My concert reading "The Book of Those Killed by Neil Young” has finally premiered. My little tour through Germany began two weeks ago in the sold-out Bruckner Foyer of the Renaissance Theater Berlin.



New Pictures

Maximilian Motel hat Ludwig Blochberger im Februar in Berlin fotografiert. „Vielen Dank für das schöne Shooting, Max.“

Filming: Spreewaldkrimi XV

Ludwig Blochberger is filming for the successful ZDF crime series in March. The Network Movie-produced TV movie, working title "The Seventh Person", is directed by Lars-Gunnar Lotz, Karimah El-Giamal is responsible for the casting.

Dates 2024

11. Oktober


The Book of Those Killed by Neil Young
19:00 Uhr • Seebadzentrum Lubmin