Premiere: HOLZTHEATER (Hochhuth – Bernhard) Link

The playwrights Rolf Hochhuth and Thomas Bernhard were born in 1931. But they have much more in common than their year of birth. Both were considered difficult artistic personalities throughout their lives and were repeatedly accompanied by scandals. In their works they share the major themes: life/death, politics, religion and National Socialism.


Recent Photos Link

New look, new haircut – new pictures! Photo shoot with photographer Pascal Haas. Thank you for the beautiful morning in Prenzlauer Berg.

Filming: Impatience of the Heart (WT)

Ludwig Blochberger is shooting for the indie feature film "Impatience of the Heart (WT)". The screenplay is an adaptation of Stefan Zweig's novel of the same title. Lauro Cress is directing and Sorrel Athina Jardine is responsible for the casting.

Festival of German Film Link

The Spreewald thriller "The Seventh Person" celebrates its premiere in September at the "Festival of German Film" in Ludwigshafen am Rhein.


Dates 2023

28 March


The Prosecutor: Death of a marriage
03.05. a.m. • ZDF

16. April


The Program
00:30 Uhr • ARD

13 May


Rolf Hochhuth – Thomas Bernhard
07.00 p.m. Ekhof-Theater